Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mom slept through the night...

Last night mom slept throught the night. It was my night to be with her so I feel completely blessed. They say the Lord will not give you more than you can handle...I believe it!!! The only problem was, I had to keep going in her room to check on her because I was so afraid she was not breathing! At one point, I was afraid she was in a coma because I could see her breathing, but I could not get her to respond to me. I know now that she was just catching up on some needed sleep.

Tonight, Susie is here. She comes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to stay nights with mom. I can hear mom in there with her and I know neither of them will get much sleep tonight. Mom is very restless. Susie is sitting in a chair in the hall trying to give mom a chance to settle down but it does not seem to be working. Mom keeps whimpering and calling out. She will do that all night long most likely. It make me so sad to sit here and listen to it. I glad for Susie...there is no way I could do this every night. Above is a picture of Susie when she came to visit mom at the hospital.

My cousins Faye and Marilyn came by today. It was so good to see them. Faye brought some chicken salad, piminto cheese, chicken and dumplings, and sausage and cheese biscuits. Yum!

A couple of nights ago, Marla and Peanut brought lasagna, salad, bread and a blueberry dessert. We ate on that for quite awhile. We loved it all...for several days!!

Last week, Joyce Ann Peoples, Vicky, and Susan brought over a fried chicken dinner complete with corn pudding and corn bread! Susan also brought some of her famous cheese straws and we enjoyed them all week.

Today, I called my aunt Peggy and asked her if she could come sit with mom so that I could sneak away and go to Curves to workout. She was so sweet and came right away. It was amazing how that 45 minute break made me feel so much better! She said that I could call her anytime...and the wonderful thing is that I know she means it from the bottom of her heart!!!

Thank you all for all you do and for all your prayers!

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  1. This post made me hungry! Yummy southern food! There is nothing quite like it!