Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It is Your World Now....

Today I was on the elliptical (did I spell that right?) and I was listening to Barry's Ipod. I heard a song come on that I had never heard before and it made me cry. The name was "It's Your World Now" by the Eagles. I could only imagine mom saying those words to all of us who miss her so much! I wish I knew how to load it..but please find it and listen to it if you get a chance. I miss her so much and have found myself feeling such a deep loss as we approach her anniversary. I will never forget April 30, 2009 at about 10:30 am.

Thinking of the story of the Ugly Duckling!

Everytime I look at these guys....I start thinking of the story of the Ugly Duckling! Man, these guys are looking funny...long legs, big feet, and look at those feathers! The Bantems are not quite so ugly. I have a hard time getting a picture because they are constantly moving!
I am leaving for women's conference tomorrow and I will be back on Saturday...I will be excited to see how much they change.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Look at all those feathers!

Only two days have gone by since I took pictures of these little chicks and look at those feathers! If you look carefully, you can see the tail feathers. The 3 big ones also are getting such long legs and big feet...reminds me of a teenager going through a growth spurt! The little guys are not changing much...just a few more feathers...especially on their feet. They are eating so much! One of the hens comes up to me when I try to get a picture and just stares into the camera...she may be as sweet as Chickalina! I cannot remember what you all named these chicks...can you send me an email to tell me. I have been calling the little black one Little Black Sambo....what did you name him Luke?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chickens move into their condo in the garage!

OK Ally, Luke and Ava...today we discovered that when a chicken grows...it's poop grows too! It was time for them to move into the rabbit hutch that was given to us by our neighbor Lynne. I washed it up today and tonight the little chicks are snuggled down in their new home. It is amazing how fast these little guys grow up! It was so funny...when I first put them into the bottom floor, one of the big ones and one of the little yellow ones climbed up to the very top of the ladder and could not figure out how to get down. They chirped so loud...finally the big one "flew down" and I helped the little one get down. They love their new home because they have lots more room. Hannah snuck out of the gate today so she was in the garage when I put the chicks in their new home. She stuck her head into the door and just sniffed at them. They still miss you guys so much!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Watch those little chicks grow up!

The chicks have missed Ally, Luke and Ava so much. They really had begun to enjoy being held. Ava was especially spending lots of time holding her little one and it began to really sit in her little hand so calmly. Now, they all run every time I get ready to change their food or water. They miss those little hands reaching in to scoop them up! Look at all those wing feathers coming in! They will be flying out of the box before we know it!

Spring Break Fun

Birthday Party for Luke, feeding the goats, riding the goats, playing with Hannah and Dora, making smores in the fire pit....these are a few of my favorite things! I love and miss....my quiet little talks with Ally, Luke rubbing my elbow and snuggling in for a movie, Ava jumping up in my arms and wrapping her little legs around my waist!

Spring Chicks for Ally, Luke and Ava!

It was so fun to have Anne, Josh, Ally, Luke and Ava here for their spring break. We enjoyed every single moment! Ally was able to come a day early with a friend who had been visiting a friend in Seattle. I picked her up on Tuesday morning and we had a fun day of shopping...stopping only to eat at The Cheesecake factory! She loved the little slider burgers! Anne, Luke and Ava came in on Wednesday night. Then....on Thursday morning, we picked up Josh at the airport and headed to Caldwell to pick up our long awaited chicks. The kids were so excited! We had planned to buy 3 chicks...and ended up with 6! Can you say, "Grandma had a weak moment!"? We got 3 little silky Bantems and 3 good old fashioned laying hens! The next few blogs will be dedicated to these little chicks so that the kids can watch them grow!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Notebook

I just watched the movie, "The Notebook" and it was not a good idea. I read the book a long time ago. It reminded me so much of mom, Alma and Fred, Peggy and James, Vernon and Eula, Doug and Janet, Elmo and Dovie, Doris and Harold...I wish we could understand why so many of mom's siblings had to suffer so. One time in the movie, Ally says,"I could not remember what to do"...so many times I can remember finding mom standing in her room with a blank look on her face and she would say those exact words.

And now the admission...I am scared! Our family history is not so great...what if it happen to me! As you grow older, you begin to cherish so many people and things that you took for granted for so long. I love my family...all over the world!

What am I doing to stay healthy?
*Trying to eat organic.
*Keeping my weight down.
*Exercising 3 times a week on eliptical
*Using deodorant with no aluminum
*Yoga every morning
*Memorizing, "Jesus the Christ"
*Keeping up with lots of hobbies.

Any other ideas??Let me know.

Don't worry about me..I am happy and doing well...That movie just made me think...but life goes on and I am loving every moment of it!