Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Shower

Today I hosted a baby shower for one of my dearest friends, Janae. I made this diaper cake, diaper wreath, and cake pops. Just wanted to share!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rocky Mountain High!

We made it to Colorado at about 1:00... just in time for Cole's birthday party! It was a "buz year light year" ( what Cole calls Buz Lightyear). After the party, Josh, Anne and the kids went to see their new house! I went the next day and we worked hard unpacking boxes. Here are some pictures from some of the fun time we managed to squeeze in between unpacking!

SLC to Rawlings...getting closer to Colorado!

On Monday, June 25th we began our road trip to Colorado. The first day we drove to Salt Lake and stayed at Anne's dad's and step mom's house. I spent the evening with Zack, Amy, and baby Charlotte. We went to the new city creek mall and ate at the Blue Lemon... One of my favorite places in SLC. Then, we went to their apt and just played with Charlotte. She is trying to crawl. I with I had taken some pictures! The next day, we left at about noon and headed to Rawlings, Wyoming which is the halfway point. We stayed in a hotel and the kids had so much fun swimming, and collecting rocks.

Back to Seattle for a packing party!

So I flew back to Seattle to help Anne pack up the house. We packed for several days and got everything packed up except the things they needed to live their last week in Seattle. I flew back to Boise for a week at home before heading to Colorado with Anne and the kids. On June 22nd they drove to Boise with the help of Anne's fathers wife. Anne and the kids stayed a few days with us before we headed out to Colorado. Here are some pictures of their visit.... Memories of sleeping on the porch, playing with the chickens, etc!