Monday, March 29, 2010

Meet my little sister...Shirley!!!

This is my little sister Shirley! She has three sons Tyler, Sam and Cole and a sweet daughter, Rachel. Shirley is an of the best I have ever seen. She has such amazing talent. She graduated from ECU with a degree in commercial art but has put that on hold to raise her faimily. My memories of Shirley as a little girl was that she was always so cute and she grew up to be a beautiful lady! She has naturally "nongray" hair...what's up with that???! I know I sound obsessed with the gray hair thing...but wouldn't it be nice to look like her without "Sally's Hair Dye #4N!!! Shirley was born in Bogota, Columbia when dad was in the army. She was born quite premature and had to be in an incubator for quite a while. I remember grandma saying that when they got back to the US..she was so little she would have fit in a shoe box.

One of my fondest memories of Shirley's family was when they came to visit us in Colorado. We took them camping and had a great time! Tyler and Zack were into Robin Hood and we made them costumes to wear while we were camping. They were so cute!

Shirley is also quite an antique hunter and when we lived here, she and I would shop all the local bargain places and found some amazing deals on antiques!

Love ya Shirley!

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  1. Hey Gail,Don't worry about your gray hair.I wear mine proudly,sometimes,HA!Sometimes I look in the mirror and think.....HOW DID YOU GET SO OLD SO QUICK....then I think back over the years and just THANK GOD I'M ALIVE.
    I haven't been dying my hair because of the chemicals, but would actually like to
    see ME without gray hair again!!
    Shirley IS A BEAUTIFUL GIRL!! She is a natural beauty,and so are you and Ann!!
    Maybe I will loose 10 lbs.,get a tan, and dye my hair this summer!! HA! I don't know if I could handle all that.HA!! David may not be able to either.LOVE YOU, MARILYN