Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome Blake Wester!

On June 1, 2012 Blake decided it was time to come into the world! I was in Seattle to help Anne start packing for a few days. We packed most of the day Thursday and on Friday morning at 4:00 am I heard Anne talking on the phone. When I first woke up, I was wondering who she would be talking to... Then like a bolt of lightning, I realized she must be in labor! She was scheduled to be induced on Monday but it looks like Blake had other plans! Helen, Anne's mom was there and knew the routine to get the kids to school so she asked me to take her to the hospital. Josh was due in at about 10:30 am. She was progressing fast and none of us thought she could wait for josh... But I think Blake decided to wait for his dad! The instant he was born and they handed Blake to Anne, josh came rushing in the door! It was so sweet! Then, I ran home to get Anne's mom Helen. It was such an amazing day! Helen and I had so much fun getting things ready for them to come home. They were only in the hospital for 24 hours! The next day, Barry came in and we headed to the hospital with Blake's car seat and they were ready to go home! Ally Luke nd Ava were so excited to meet their baby brother! Here are some pictures!

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