Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One night in Hawaii is just not enough!

So...when we were checking flights to leave china, we discovered that the flight we had planned to take on Tuesday was looking very full. (We were flying on standby passes from my brother,Larry, who was a pilot for Delta.) it looked like we needed to leave a couple days earlier than we had planned. Because Barry had taken off work until Wednesday, I got a bright idea! Why not go home through Hawaii? I checked flights and it looked good. Barry had some Marriott points so he booked a room for one night. We started our journey to Hawaii by going through Tokyo, Japan. We had a long layover in Japan then flew out to Hawaii and arrived at 8:00 am. Hawaii is such a relaxing place! We got there, rented a car, and drove to one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen! We went to the beach for the afternoon, rented a cabana, swam while barry snorkeled( I could not wear a fin cause of my foot), ate great food, and had a virgin pina colada. The next day we drove to the north shore, went to the dole pineapple farm, went to the Polynesian Cultural Center...then headed to the airport for a 9:00 pm flight to Seattle. I'm not sure what happened, but flights were full with lots of standbys, so we did not make the flight. We did make a 10:00 pm flight to San Francisco and I flew from there to Seattle to help Anne pack and Barry flew to Boise.

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