Monday, June 18, 2012

Meeting Hinckley in China!

Barry and I left on June 3rd for china. We were so excited to just hold little Hinckley! It was a quick trip but we enjoyed every moment. We did the tourist stuff last summer when we went so it was nice to just spend time with nick, Dana, and Hinckley. I was able to go with Dana to Hinckley's doctor appt so I was able to see where he spent the first weeks of his life. They had such a tough time during those first weeks but I'm so happy that Hinckley and Dana are doing so good now! I could not get enough of Hickley while we were there! I just wanted to hold him all the time! I loved singing to him because he seemed to smile when I did... We did get in some shopping and nick took us to the drum tower. We had planned to leave on Tuesday but ended up leaving on Sunday because we were flying standby and the flights looked full for Tuesday . So, we were there about a week. Nick and Dana were leaving to come to the states on Tuesday and barry and I did not want to be stuck in china without them!

These pictures show the apartment they live in, Dana on the street in front of their condo, and some pics of Hinckley.

I love nick and his sweet little family so much!

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