Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chickens move into their condo in the garage!

OK Ally, Luke and we discovered that when a chicken's poop grows too! It was time for them to move into the rabbit hutch that was given to us by our neighbor Lynne. I washed it up today and tonight the little chicks are snuggled down in their new home. It is amazing how fast these little guys grow up! It was so funny...when I first put them into the bottom floor, one of the big ones and one of the little yellow ones climbed up to the very top of the ladder and could not figure out how to get down. They chirped so loud...finally the big one "flew down" and I helped the little one get down. They love their new home because they have lots more room. Hannah snuck out of the gate today so she was in the garage when I put the chicks in their new home. She stuck her head into the door and just sniffed at them. They still miss you guys so much!

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  1. Ava says, "thank you for buying the chicks. I love you." Luke misses holding the chicks.